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Holidays, Festivals 







Планы уроков




Гостевая книга




to set off firecrackers



The parade winds through the streets



Gifts are exchanged at midnight



This is meant to keep out evil spirits



Brings good luck



Shops are filled with people buying gifts



To remind people of



The festival is held to honour the memory



Contest for the best paela



Deafening explosion of fireworks



the most impressive event



it is an exciting holiday which everyone looks forward to



it is a celebration rich in tradition  and full of happiness



I felt very excited to have attended such a traditional event



to put on music



Christmas trees are decorated with colourful ornaments and twinkling lights



people dress smartly in their best outfit \ dressed up in their Sunday best



everyone cheers and shouts






it is a great time for everyone



it is the best time for everyone to have fun and enjoy yourself



they ivited several celebrities



speeches are made



the occasion is kept formal and traditional in order to properly honour the achievements of the students



 invited guests of honour



look sophisticated



to take photos



a sense of absolute fulfilment

чувство абсолютного удовлетворения


It is a time to feel pleased about reaching a very important goal



it is a time to let people know how much you love and appreciate them



it is a day that makes everyone feel romantic and happy



memorable occasion



people take great pride remembering the history of their country



fancy dress party



to have a time of your life



the party was a huge success



be in full swing

быть в разгаре


it was a lot of fun



we will remember the party for a long time to come



enjoy yourself



the parade to celebrate the end of World War II is held every year



Crowds line the streets as soldiers and war veterans march past in time with the music from the band



children wave flags and people cheer



disguised as goats, bears\ dressed up as

переодетые в

























Cоветы по достижению счастья и любви, привлечению достойного партнера в свою жизнь

 - ваш проводник по лабиринту книг 











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